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Wacky Words is a one-woman company offering translations from English and Swedish to Finnish and Finnish to English, proofreading and other language-related services in Finnish, as well as DTP and graphic design services. It is run by me, Maura Kontio, an experienced translator, reviser, editor, project manager, DTP specialist, graphic designer - whatever the situation calls for. I have worked in the translation and communication business full time since 2005, first as an in-house translator at a translation agency (also doing some subtitling on the side) and since 2010 as a freelance language specialist. Over the years, I have translated more or less everything from lipstick adverts to drilling rig manuals. My strengths include exceptional grammatical accuracy and high sensitivity to the style of any source text. To ensure consistent style and terminology in my translations, I use modern translation tools, such as SDL Studio.

I have a solid educational background for my job: I majored in English translation at the University of Tampere, completing my Master's degree in 2007. My minor subjects included Swedish translation, Finnish communications and North American studies, and I also dedicated one academic year to technical communications studies.

Since taking a course on graphic design in 2016, I dabbled in DTP and graphic design for a couple of years, mainly for my own benefit and that of my nearest and dearest. In 2020-2021, I took things a step further and completed a degree in media production, specialising in publication graphics, and now I am happy to provide these services professionally.

My office is located in Lempäälä, Finland, but I offer services globally. Should you need any of the above-mentioned services, don’t hesitate to contact me!